Transforming an Idea into a Global Humanitarian Force: How Ukrainian Charity Expands to the USA

February 12, 2024
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Khmelnytsky Military Administration and Children of Heroes Join Forces to Support Our Beneficiaries

The Children of Heroes Charity Fund together with the Khmelnytsky Regional Military Administration held a meeting with local business representatives to discuss ways to cooperate in helping children who lost their parents during the war. The event was chaired by Deputy Chief of the Regional Military Administration Volodymyr Yuriev.

At present, there are 770 children from Khmelnytsky and the region who are already receiving assistance from the Children of Heroes CF. Coordinating the efforts of the state, public and private sectors will help to provide better and more systematic assistance to affected children and their families. Through this cooperation, the Fund hopes to welcome almost 400 more children, as the number of children affected by the full-scale war continues to grow every day.

“For more than 2 years of work, we have clearly realized that any help is invaluable for the families of the fallen Heroes. We see how, thanks to this support, children and their guardians are gradually recovering from the tragedy and starting to live on. Therefore, we are sincerely grateful to the Khmelnytsky Military Administration and business representatives who are not only ready to listen to the needs of these families, but also to act actively to help children recover and gain a decent life,” emphasized Anna Khomenko, co-founder of the Children of Heroes Charity Fund.

During a meeting with local business representatives, the foundation’s employees shared the stories of the children under their care and spoke about their needs and the challenges they face. Volodymyr Yuriev, Deputy Head of the Khmelnytsky Regional Regional Administration, outlined the needs of children in the region and called on businessmen to cooperate actively.

Vladyslav Vavrukh, Director of the Letychiv Feed Mill, a member of the YEDNIST’ GROUP family, shared his experience of cooperation with the Foundation:

“Today, everyone understands that the Ukrainian economy and business exist thanks to our defenders and their undeniable feat. Therefore, it is a moral obligation of every business to help the military, their families and all those affected by the war. We have been cooperating with the Children of Heroes CF for more than a year.  Helping children is an honorable mission for us, because it is they who will eventually build our present, develop the country, and open new technological horizons. This is an investment in the future, which will come much sooner than we can imagine. That is why we urge representatives of various forms of business not to be indifferent and to join the charity. We are confident that these investments will be returned to us with bright smiles of children and gratitude in their hearts,” he said.

Recently, the Children of Heroes CF signed memorandums of cooperation with the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, the Vinnytsia Regional Association of Local Governments, and the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration.


Родина Найдухів

табір «Воловець» у Карпатах

З перших днів повномасштабного вторгнення Юрій пішов добровольцем на фронт. На жаль, чоловік загинув під Бахмутом. Ця трагедія стала справжнім ударом для його дружини Галини та двох донечок — 13-річної Таїсії та 11-річної Іринки. Емоційний стан донечок був вкрай нестабільним: вони закрились в собі.

Від фонду «Діти Героїв» сімʼя Найдухів отримала можливість поїхати до табору «Воловець» у Карпатах. Це табір психоемоційної стабілізації для сімей, що постраждали від війни. З перших днів у таборі розпочались позитивні зміни. Вони ходили в гори, малювали, співали, купалися в чанах. Галина каже, що вона вперше після трагедії добре спала. А дівчата, які категорично відмовлялись йти до психолога, після табору самі висловили бажання розпочати роботу з фахівцем!