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Ukraine's Children Urgently Need Your Help


Children are already a part of our long-term support programs and that number is rising


of children have lost one or both parents as a result of the Russian war in Ukraine to date

Up to 50 a day

That's how many children have lost loved ones and are added to our programs every single day – and they need your support

About Us

Children of Heroes was founded to help the countless number of Ukrainian children who have suffered the ultimate tragedy: the loss of a parent, or parents, during the ongoing war. The Fund provides the children and their families with comprehensive assistance, led by our team of Family Helpers. Our assistance programs are funded by our partners and donors.

We believe the children of Heroes, those who have fought bravely for a free and prosperous Ukraine, are also Heroes themselves and deserve care and ongoing support to help them achieve a brighter future.

Our Mission

We honor Ukrainians fallen due to the russian aggression through empowering their children to thrive. We foster a nurturing environment for them to overcome adversity, rebuild their lives, create a brighter future for themselves and for Ukraine.


Our Programs

All of our initiatives are dedicated to improving the well-being of children who have suffered from the effects of the war and your gift directly helps each child supported by the Fund until he or she reaches adulthood. Your generous donation will fund programs including: humanitarian and emergency aid, psychological care and therapy, crisis management, legal aid, educational support, as well as the provision of food, warm clothing and assistance securing shelter for children, when needed. Each child you help support receives care that is catered towards their unique needs and circumstances.

Our Vision

To ensure that Ukraine’s children of heroes find hope, opportunity, a path to happiness, shaping a free and prosperous nation.

Children You Help Support


Arsen and Oksana

Oksana and Arsen Korolchuk lost their breadwinner father, Volodymyr, in the war, while their mother,…



Lev's parents did everything they could to ensure that he could truly enjoy life. They…



Serhiy is from Novoselivka Kramatorsk region. His mother died in front of him during the…


Matviy and Hordiy

With the start of the full-scale invasion, the world of Matviy’s family from Kharkiv turned…

kateryna (3)


Katrusia was born into a happy family. Her dad worked as a long-haul truck driver…

Iryna_danil (3)

Iryna and Danil

Before the war broke out, a family from Volnovakha was enjoying life and raising three…

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Our assistance programs

Emergency Aid

Provides immediate financial and humanitarian aid as well as psychological support. Our Emergency Assistance program also provides temporary shelter, when required

Essential Support

Ensures all basic needs of the children, such as food and warm clothing, are met; along with legal support and counseling for families

Educational and Developmental

Our Education and Development program’s goal is to ensure all our children are set up for a brighter future by organizing schooling, language courses, sports and various other activities that are catered to the needs and goals of each child

Healthcare Fund

Covers the medical expenses of all our children until they reach adulthood


We organize camps and recreation for children to receive the opportunity to interact with other kids and take part in leadership activities

Mentorship and Career Planning

As the Fund covers a wide spectrum of age groups, we provide assistance and guidance in finding placements and job opportunities

Child protection policy

Children of Heroes’ safeguarding commitment is to ensure that all children the Foundation is caring for are protected from both deliberate and accidental harm and abuse caused by Foundation staff and other representatives.

That’s why we have developed and strictly applied the Child Protection Policy – a comprehensive child safeguarding framework that is based on UN and EU standards and global best practices that meets the standards for protecting children from harm and responding appropriately to concerns should they occur.

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