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who have lost their parents due to the war in Ukraine

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children have lost one or both parents as a result of the Russian war in Ukraine

About us

Children of Heroes was founded to help the countless number of Ukrainian children who have suffered the ultimate tragedy: the loss of a parent, or parents, during the ongoing war. The Fund provides the children and their families with comprehensive assistance, led by our team of Family Helpers. Our assistance programs are funded by our partners and donors.

We believe the children of Heroes, those who have fought bravely for a free and prosperous Ukraine, are also Heroes themselves and deserve care and ongoing support to help them achieve a brighter future.

Our mission

To help Ukrainian children who have lost one or both parents during the Russian war by providing them with long-term support – in all aspects of life.

Our programs

All of our initiatives are dedicated to improving the well-being of children who have suffered from the effects of the war and your gift directly helps each child supported by the Fund until he or she reaches adulthood. Your generous donation will fund programs including: humanitarian and emergency aid, psychological care and therapy, crisis management, legal aid, educational support, as well as the provision of food, warm clothing and assistance securing shelter for children, when needed.

Each child you help support receives care that is catered towards their unique needs and circumstances. Learn more about helping the orphans of Ukraine and how you can help Ukrainian refugees.



Stepan is a young boy from a small village in the eastern Donetsk region. In his free time, he enjoyed taking care of the animals at his family’s home, playing football and riding his bike. That was until February 24th, 2022 – when the horrors of the war came to his doorstep.

For the first two months of the war, Stepan and his family hid in the basement of their home without electricity, gas or even water while the conflict took place around them and threatened their community’s safety. During so-called “lulls” during the war, they managed to find a few hours each day to get out and breathe, hoping that the temporary peace would last. Tragically, this wouldn’t be the case.

Stepan’s parents were killed when an enemy shell hit their car. The day prior, they had taken him to safety, away from their village, and were returning home to care for their sick mother and their animals.

They lost their lives senselessly after taking their son to safety.

Tragically, Stepan’s grandmother also passed away just one month after his mother and father. He now lives with his older brother and sister-in-law and dreams of a quick end to the war. He wishes to return to his native village and one day rebuild his parents’ house so that the remaining members of his family can stay close to one another and live together in happiness.

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Anna ta Danyil

Anna and

Anna and Danyil’s father joined the army as a volunteer back in 2014 in order to defend his nation from the Russian invaders. He often went to areas of active combat, such as Maryanka, Krasnohorivka and Avdiivka, which are each located in the eastern Donetsk region. In 2018, he returned home to his family, no longer an active-duty soldier. By 2022, though, he once again took up arms to defend Ukraine during the full-scale invasion and made his way back to the front.

He immediately founded the territorial defense of Lyman, a city in the Donetsk region. By April, two months after the beginning of the war, he and his fellow soldiers began to take part in combat missions. Unfortunately, this is where Anna and Danyil’s father met his end, dying during shelling by the Russian army.

Anna and Danyil miss their loving father but will never forget the brave, determined and confident man that raised them.

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Fearing for his family’s safety, Sofia’s father moved his family from the capital Kyiv to a less-dangerous region of Ukraine on the first day of the war. He later returned to Kyiv and immediately went to the military enlistment office, vowing to defend his family and his country from the Russian enemy. During his military service, he was only able to come home on a few occasions – and it was these moments where the family were at their happiest, feeling as they had before the terrible war began.

Their happy memories together would not last.

In July of 2022, Sofia’s mother received a call from an unknown number. The voice at the other end informed her that her husband had been killed during a combat mission on the battlefield. Sofia’s father perished in the line of duty.

Since his death at the hands of the invaders, much has changed but the family has remained united as they believe that their dad and husband is still with them. Sofia, now 14-years-old, is passionate about videogames and comics and enjoys drawing anime characters in her free time.

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Since the very beginning of the war, Mark’s father Denis, a soldier that took arms to protect his family and his country, wrote apologetic letters to his son about not being able to spend time with him. He would write notes for his family on his cellphone while fighting amongst the shelling on the front lines. And dreamed of one day hearing his only son and child speak, but unfortunately it was not to be.

Denis was killed on the battlefield by enemy artillery fire, though through his heroic actions managed to save his wounded comrade before passing away. Though his phone was damaged by shrapnel, his grieving widow was able to repair her husband’s precious war memoirs and the notes he had written for his loved ones.

Although Mark is still very young, the Fund believes that the actions his brave father took have sown the seeds of change and will not be forgotten. Not by Mark and not by the whole of Ukraine.

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Artem’s family lived in a small town in the Kharkiv region near the Russian border. His father was a courageous man who had joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During his duty he researched the rank of Senior Combat Medic, having saved the lives of many Ukrainian soldiers at the front. His bravery was a source of pride for his family and set an example for his fellow soldiers, particularly after one fierce battle where he single-handedly saved six soldiers at once. Thanks to the bravery of Artem’s father, all six soldiers survived.

However, his bravery and selflessness would be cut short just days later when an enemy air raid took his life.

Artem misses his father very much. His family and friends give him the strength and courage to go on – the sort of strength and courage his hero father possessed.

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our mission

Is to support children who have been impacted by the war until they reach adulthood.

Our programs help them grow and cope with their trauma and put them on the path to become self-confident, well-educated and fulfilled in the future.


Our assistance programs

Emergency Assistance

Provides immediate financial and humanitarian aid as well as psychological support. Our Emergency Assistance program also provides temporary shelter, when required.

Essential Support

Ensures all basic needs of the children, such as food and warm clothing, are met; along with legal support and counseling for families.

Educational and Developmental

Our Education and Development program’s goal is to ensure all our children are set up for a brighter future by organizing schooling, language courses, sports and various other activities that are catered to the needs and goals of each child.

Healthcare Fund

Covers the medical expenses of all our children until they reach adulthood.


We organize camps and recreation for children to receive the opportunity to interact with other kids and take part in leadership activities.

Mentorship and Career Planning

As the Fund covers a wide spectrum of age groups, we provide assistance and guidance in finding placements and job opportunities


Children of Heroes’ safeguarding commitment is to ensure that all children the Foundation is caring for are protected from both deliberate and accidental harm and abuse caused by Foundation staff and other representatives.

That’s why we developed and strictly applied the Child Protection Policy – a comprehensive child safeguarding framework that is based on UN and EU standards and global best practices that meets the standards for protecting children from harm and responding appropriately to concerns should they occur.

You can find our full Child Protection Policy here.

Thanks to our partners