INTEGRITES fundraises UAH 1 million for Ukrainian children who lost their parents in the war and are impacted by the Kakhovka Dam destruction

The whole Ukraine has been appalled by the brutal war crime of the russian occupants — the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Kherson region. Among the wards of the Children of Heroes Foundation are kids who lost their parents in the war and remain in the affected region, as well as in the Mykolayiv and Zaporizhya regions.

INTEGRITES invites peers from the legal market in Ukraine and abroad to join the fundraiser and help these kids.

United we stand, and all together we can change the lives of the kids for the better. It’s our children who will rebuild and represent our country on the global arena. Donations for children are our contributions to the future of Ukraine.

Click Donate Now below to join the fundraiser. Every donation matters!

All donations will go for the humanitarian aid, psychological support, cover medical expenses, socialization, education and development.


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