Help Ukrainian Orphans

If you want to know how you can help Ukrainian orphans, the Children of Heroes Charity Fund is an excellent option. There are many ways you can help orphans of Ukraine. Fostering or adopting a Ukrainian child refugee, sponsoring a child in Ukraine, or giving to a charity that specializes in helping the children of Ukraine, like our Fund, the Children of Heroes Charity Fund, are all impactful ways to give.

Donate to Ukrainian Orphans Now

Ukrainian children are in immediate need of psychological and humanitarian support. Aid and care packages funded by public contributions from donors like you improve the day-to-day living standards of those displaced and otherwise negatively affected by the war in Ukraine, including Ukrainian orphans.

Children of Heroes was founded to give to the countless number of Ukrainian children who have suffered the ultimate tragedy: the loss of a parent, or parents, during the ongoing war.

The Children of Heroes Charity Fund cares about children who lost their parents during the war and will support them until they reach adulthood.

We believe the children of Heroes, those who have fought bravely for a free and prosperous Ukraine, are also heroes themselves and deserve care and ongoing support to help them achieve a brighter future.

The Children of Heroes Charity Fund is organized and ready to provide critical relief through first maintaining best practices for the Foundation’s governance, non-profit compliance, and administrative functions, which are necessary components for effectively fundraising through public contributions.

Helping Ukrainian Orphans is Our Mission

To help Ukrainian children who have lost one or both parents during the Russian war by providing them with long-term support, in all aspects of life, is our ultimate goal.

How We Help the Orphans of Ukraine

The Fund assists in six key areas: psychological support, legal support, financial aid, medical care, emergency assistance and socialization. The organization supports children with immediate and long-term support that they need throughout their childhood to lead happy and successful lives. Learn more about how to help Ukrainian refugees here

Hundreds of children under the care of the Foundation have already been enrolled in educational programs. The Foundation can also provide children with immediate psychological support to help them overcome the pain of losing their loved ones and develop coping strategies. In addition, the children in our care receive medical support, that specifically takes their medical needs into consideration, until they reach adulthood. And our program can provide the many everyday necessities they will need: baby food, warm and seasonally-appropriate clothing and shoes, diapers, strollers and more.

For an easy and reliable way to donate to the orphans of Ukraine and make an impact, click here to donate today!