Mobile Networks

The Children of Heroes Charitable Foundation, together with Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell mobile operators, launched a short number to raise charitable funds

Subscribers can send an SMS to 88004; the cost is 10 UAH. These funds will be used to restore and repair the housing of the wards of the fund, which was destroyed as a result of hostilities. The service is available only for prepaid subscribers.

How does the short number work?

  • the subscriber sends an SMS with any text to a short number;
  • a fixed amount is deducted from his mobile balance;
  • once a month, operators accumulate all donations through a short number and transfer the amount in full to the account of the Children of Heroes Foundation;
  • 100% of the money transferred by subscribers is sent to the fund account.

These fees are not taxable, and mobile operators do not charge commissions.