Iryna Lutsenko
Iryna Lutsenko
Family Helper
Children under care

Iryna Lutsenko

Family Helper

About myself

My name is Iryna Lutsenko. I live in Vasylkiv in the Kyiv region. My windows on the 9th floor face the military airfield. On February 24, we didn’t just wake up to explosions: we saw them in detail.

I decided to stay in the city with my parents and my whole family. I didn’t know what I would do, but I knew I was ready to help.

I am a first-class commercial real estate manager with 5 years of experience though I had to quickly retrain as a volunteer humanitarian aid coordinator during the war. The war with the Russian aggressors accelerated my training and experience in volunteering. In just a short time, I mastered the skills that would have taken me many years to acquire in normal peacetime circumstances.

Having a talent for persuading others and achieving goals, I received feedback from several international foundations that responded to my request to help the affected population of Kyiv region. Six months later, I clearly understood how to solve the problem quickly.

Why am I in the fund?

Since the beginning of the war, I realized that I would not return to my old career. Since I had skills in volunteering and a great desire to help others, I considered the position of coordinator. The Fund’s mission is close to me: supporting children, who are our future and are now among the most vulnerable.

Their hearts are crippled. And I like that the Fund provides not only financial aid but also psychological support. Additionally, taking various courses will help them grow into well-rounded individuals and rebuild our country.

11 facts about me:

    1. My name is Ira Lutsenko
    2. I am Ukrainian, and my life did a 180 after February 24
    3. I am religious
    4. I love the mountains and enjoy going on long hikes
    5. I have an Egyptian Sphinx Cleopatra cat, which some people love and some do not
    6. I am a creative person and I always have a lot of ideas
    7. A value of mine is that I always see something special in each person and focus on it
    8. I am sincere and I do not hold back my words if I think something about a person
    9. I am a teacher by trade, having worked as one for two years, and I worked as a social worker in an evening school with troublesome teenagers
    10. I value self-development. I am happy when I feel as though I’m growing.
    11. I live to inspire others

How many families do I take care of?

36 families, which includes 56 children.

My strengths:

  • I have a creative approach to the development and implementation of various activities
  • I have team-building skills (conducting training, mentoring, instructing)
  • I can quickly solve problems and make decisions
  • I have organizational and administrative skills