Prior to the start of the war, Bohdan’s father worked for a construction company. In early March, his life, and indeed the lives of all Ukrainians, changed dramatically and Bohdan’s father joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to defend his country. While his son celebrated his first birthday at home with his mother, the battlefield was his priority. Though he kept in contact with family and friends, he kept the difficulties of combat to himself so they would not worry.

In June, the unthinkable happened: the commander of his military company called the family and informed them of his heroic death.

Bohdan’s mother finds it challenging to cope with the responsibilities of raising her son and maintaining her household, but she bravely carries on with all her strength in order to give her little boy a decent and happy life.

How Donations Helped Bohdan

Bohdan’s family, in addition to initial financial assistance, received legal support and a $1,000 grant from our partners at the 1K Project. As part of the Warmth for Children initiative, the Fund provided the family with a heater and financial support to purchase fall clothes for Bohdan. He was also gifted with shoes from the Intertop store.