Bohdan was born in Balakliia in the eastern Kharkiv region. He grew up in a loving home with his dad, mom and grandmother. Bohdan is a talented artist with a passion for drawing, attending art school prior to the onset of the war.

His father was part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and from the very first days of the conflict he bravely defended his native land on the battlefield. Due to the constant shelling in Kharkiv, Bohdan and his mother had to leave their home behind and move to another city to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, it’s there that they learned that Bohdan’s father had died fighting for their country. He could not accept nor believe the news for a long time afterwards, his mood deteriorating noticeably and his desire to lead an active life fading with each passing day.

Thanks to the Fund, Bohdan and his mother started working with a psychologist, which has helped them develop coping strategies for everyday life. After attending the sessions, Bohdan started to draw again and is once again spending time with his friends. He also helps weave camouflage nets for the Ukrainian military and is learning English.

Bohdan dreams of a happy future and of victory for his country. He strives to keep growing and developing. And to become an upstanding citizen in a free and independent Ukraine.

How Donations Helped Bohdan

  • The Fund provided the family with legal assistance so that Bohdan’s mother could support from the state
  • Thanks to the Fund, Bohdan and his mother began working with a psychologist who has helped them develop coping strategies

Family’s Current Needs

  • A laptop