Brice Espino

Children of Heroes Charity Fund Recognizes New Leadership in USA Partner

When it comes to charity, there are always new methods and opportunities for more effective and fruitful work. Children of Heroes Charity Fund expands its capabilities and borders to the USA through a new strategic partnership with the Children of Heroes of Ukraine Foundation (“CoH”). From now on, our organization will be strengthened through partnership in the United States of America.

On October 24, Brice Espino, a successful marketer, became the Chief Executive Officer of the Children of Heroes of Ukraine Foundation in the United States. Brice has been in marketing and advertising for over 10 years and has worked with various corporations and startups globally. His knowledge has allowed him to succeed in the world of branding, marketing and e-commerce. His worldview is built on principles that help to make the world a better place – one where there is no discrimination, and everyone has equal rights.

“I decided to join the fund because I saw the need to help those who are affected by the war. Though we often see that the military are the ones that need aid, we forget the displaced and affected civilians, more so children who have nothing to gain from a senseless invasion. I want to do my part as CEO of CoH to help give a better life to those who suffered from this terrible war” – said Brice Espino.

The Charity Funds partnership in the United States will focus on developing relationships with individuals, organizations, and corporations to aid in fulfilling the mission of the Charity Fund which is to help the children of Ukraine.